Sunday, March 18, 2012

Popcorn Chicken

Was speaking to my cousin in Skype couple of weeks back she suggested this snack for kids.Not only kids even adults would love it..


Boneless chicken(cut into small pieces)-1lb
Onion powder-3tspn
Maida(all purpose flour)-4tbspn
Pepper-as per taste
white pepper(optional)-2tspn
SALT-as needed
Egg white-1-1 1/2
Bread crumbs-as needed
Oil-for frying


1)Wash the chicken and drain the water.
2)In a bowl mix maida(all purpose flour),onion powder,pepper,white pepper and SALT.
3)In another bowl mix egg whites and milk.
4)In another plate put the needed bread crumbs.
5)Put the chicken in maida(all purpose flour)mixture. Then dip the chicken in egg whites and milk and then put it in bread crumbs.
6)Again dip the chicken in egg white and back in bread crumbs.
7)Fry in oil,fry until golden brown.

Yummy!!! Popcorn chicken is ready...

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