Monday, May 24, 2010

Beef Shish Kabob


Beef chunks-2lbs
Shaan Shish Kabob packet-1/2packet(Optional)
Whole red chili-few
Oregano leaves-1/2tspn
Pepper powder-2tbspn
Red Chili powder-3tbspn
SALT-to taste


1)Nicely was the beef & drain the water for about 3hrs.

2)In a food processor add the beef chunks,whole red chili & nicely grind it.

3)Then in a bowl add the grinded meat with SALT,pepper powder,red chili powder,Oregano leaves,egg & oil.

4)Mix them well.

5)Wash the bamboo sticks.Take water in a bowl.Dip your hand in that water & take the minced meat & put it in bamboo sticks..

6)Grill it until done..

Yum!! it's ready..

Note:Can be done with Boneless chicken also...

Melazhu(Pepper) Curry


Lamb leg/lamb shoulder-2lbs or Beef with bones-2lbs
Whole Pepper-2 1/2 tbspn
Whole Jeera-2tbspn
Whole Sunuf-1tbspn
Whole Coriander-4tspn
Khas-Khas(poppy seeds)Whole-2tspn
Turmeric powder-2tbspn
Yogurt-more than 1/2 cup
SALT-to taste
Cinnamon,cardamon & clove-according to taste
Onion-1 big
Cilantro & mint-Little
Ginger-garlic paste


1)In a pan add pepper,jeera,sunuf,coriander,Khas-khas(whole) & fry without oil.
2)Blend the above ingredients & make it into powder.Then add water & blend again.
3)Blend the Khas-Khas(powder) & cashew with water & keep aside.
4)Wash the meat & drain the water.To that add SALT,turmeric powder & yogurt,marinate it for 20mins.
5)In oil add cinnamon,cardamon & clove.Then add the onions & saute nicely.In a small bowl mix ginger-garlic paste with little cilantro & mint.Add this to the sauteed onions.
6)Add the meat in the oil & nicely fry it for some time.
7)Now add the blended ingredients.
8)Pressure cook it until the meat is tender.

Melazhu curry is ready to be served with Roti,naan or Ghee rice....