Monday, May 24, 2010

Beef Shish Kabob


Beef chunks-2lbs
Shaan Shish Kabob packet-1/2packet(Optional)
Whole red chili-few
Oregano leaves-1/2tspn
Pepper powder-2tbspn
Red Chili powder-3tbspn
SALT-to taste


1)Nicely was the beef & drain the water for about 3hrs.

2)In a food processor add the beef chunks,whole red chili & nicely grind it.

3)Then in a bowl add the grinded meat with SALT,pepper powder,red chili powder,Oregano leaves,egg & oil.

4)Mix them well.

5)Wash the bamboo sticks.Take water in a bowl.Dip your hand in that water & take the minced meat & put it in bamboo sticks..

6)Grill it until done..

Yum!! it's ready..

Note:Can be done with Boneless chicken also...

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