Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicken Cutlet


Boneless Chicken-2lbs
Potato-1 medium sized
Ginger-garlic paste-1/2 tspn
SALT-according to taste
Pepper powder-according to taste
Cilantro-1/2 bunch
Oil-for frying

For coating:-

Egg white(beaten)-2 small
Maida(mixed with water,the consistency must be little thick)-3tbspn
Bread crumbs


1) Wash the chicken and cut into 2" cubes.
2) In a pan add the chicken,ginger-garlic paste,pepper powder,SALT and cardamon. Add water and let the chicken cook until nicely done.
3) Peel the skin of the potato and pressure cook for 2 whistle. Let the water drain.
4) Nicely mash the chicken with hand and constantly adding the boiled potato. When both the chicken and potato nicely mashed together add cilantro.
5) Make round shape and first put in egg white,then dip it in maida and then into bread crumbs.
6) In a pan add oil and deep fry it.

Note:- There must be no water in chicken and in your hand when you mash the chicken.

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