Monday, February 22, 2010



1. Vanilla Ice cream 2. Cut fruits 3. Chopped nuts like cashews, soaked almonds(or flakes) pista, walnuts 4. Jelly(preferably strawberry) = prepare as per packet instructions 5. Milk(chilled) 6. Falooda sev(these are corn starch noodles, which u get in Indian stores) = prepare as per packet instructions 7. Falooda seeds(also called Tukmaria) = soak 1 tbspn in water (u can get them in Indian stores, they look exactly like black sesame seeds) 8. Rose syrup


1)In a tall glass,start by pouring some rose syrup
2)Followed by milk,
3)Then falooda seeds, then falooa sev
4)cut fruits
5)chopped nuts
7)Top it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream & serve with a long spoon & a straw

Mix it all from the bottom of the glass & enjoy!!

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